Activity of VASKUT Dentál Kft

Our company, established in 2011, has been transformed of the steel metalurgical department of the Hungarian Institute for Ressaerch and Development in the Iron Indrusty.

Although this department dealed with research and developement, at that time its main activity was already manufacturing. Not voluntarily, but the economic situation of that time has forced industrial research institutes, among others our company too, to this trend.

Our company has realised at the very beginning that we can't enter into competition with the big metallurgical companies in respect of producing Common goods. Nevertheless we can be competitive with producing characteristic, typical, particular materials in small quantities with a very short delivery time. This is our guiding principe up to now



Our Services

Our equipment of factory

Range of use

    • Technical advising
    • Investment casting
    • Trading of metallurgical auxiliary materials
    • Induction furnaces
    • Electric furnace
    • Other machine
    • Tool engineering- and machine industry
    • Oilindustry
    • Chemical industry
    • Energy industry
    • Healt provision
    • Glass industry